Enhance student experience

  • Execution of Master Communication Plan (Summer Term)

  • Recruit additional volunteers to better serve the members and create increased points of contact for retention with the volunteers (OLLI)

  • Enhance customer service (Operations) 


Build talent capacity

  • Identify gaps in staffing and work to restructure positions as needed and fill vacancies (Operations)


Increase student access

  • Review Young Rebel offerings, cost per student, financial assistance, demographics and barriers to entry to expand access and remove barriers (Young Rebels)

  • Promotion of scholarships (OLLI)

  • Collaboration with RTC to promote carpooling and reduce transportation barriers (OLLI)


Strengthen marketing & outreach

  • Website collaboration with Kinesiology for PEX (Marketing)

  • Reviewing, updating and creating procedures between and within multiple departments for the catalog process and data (Marketing)

  • Marketing, social media, website for spring/summer for Young Rebels (Marketing)

  • Launch and roll-out new online vendors for CE (Marketing)

  • Website hosting with UNLV (Marketing)

  • Assessment and planning of marketing spending and budget (Marketing)

  • Update campaign branding for CE and OLLI (Marketing)

  • Update look for website, emails, social media, etc. (Marketing)

  • Create content for digital displays (Marketing)

  • Potential project: Mobile text marketing for CE (Marketing)

  • Build video marketing content utilizing new media facilities (Marketing)

  • Marketing, outreach and social media planning/strategies for Young Rebels (Marketing)

  • Increase community collaborations with the diverse community (Continuing Education)

  • Increase awareness within UNLV and the Southern Nevada community for youth programming (Young Rebels)


Expand offerings & programming

  • Identify & Develop new programming to focus on marketability enhancement and family engagement (Continuing Education)

  • Implement findings of membership satisfaction assessment survey (OLLI)

  • Expand and improve the asynchronous OLLI at UNLV class offerings (OLLI)


Achieve financial sustainability

  • Construct a budget structure that aligns with best practices that drive decision making relating to staff recruitment, programming, and direct costs (Continuing Education)

  • Identify priorities that could be compatible with grant funding (OLLI)

  • Collaborate with UNLV Foundation on planned giving (OLLI)

  • Revisiting membership fees to generate additional revenue (OLLI)


Improve infrastructure

  • Streamline procedures, specifically in the areas of catalog process, vendor approval and reporting (Continuing Education)

  • Develop campus-wide infrastructure to facilitate academic youth programming (Young Rebels)

  • Consolidate support services for all academic youth programming (Young Rebels)


Drive decisions with data

  • Work closely with DEO units to determine data needs and produce better reporting (Operations)


Reengineer DEO

  • Work to make our processes more efficient to provide excellent day to day support for online and in person programs and increase the support we can provide (Operations)

  • Restructure Operations team, realign tasks (Operations)