The Division of Educational Outreach has developed nine strategic initiatives that establishes priorities for DEO and drives the work of the division.

These initiatives are:

Accomplishments for 2022

  • Creation of Master Communication Plan (Summer Term)

  • Implement Quick Pick module for OLLI (OLLI/Operations)

  • Enhance customer service (Operations)

Accomplishments for 2022

  • Identified gaps in staffing and worked to restructure positions as needed and fill vacancies (Operations)

Accomplishments for 2022

  • Improvement of payment plan process (Summer Term)

  • Review & improve student registration and fee appeal process (Summer Term)

  • Refine student loan process and expand non-credit funding options for students (Operations)

Accomplishments for 2022

  • Research & Review Marketing Data Fields in Student Manager (Marketing)

  • Researching and reviewing marketing data fields in student manager (including new profile, student inquiry, abandoned cart, etc.) (Marketing)

  • Increase digital and social media marketing for CE (Marketing)

  • Initial marketing materials and social media planning/strategies for Young Rebels (Marketing)

  • Launch and roll-out new online vendors for CE (Marketing)

  • Establish strategic community partnerships for the promotion of Young Rebels programming (Young Rebels)

Accomplishments for 2022

  • In Fall 2022, CE identified and developed new programming to launch in Spring 2023 that focused on sustainability, diversity and recovery. (Continuing Education)

  • Expand outreach to previous and future instructors (OLLI)

  • Implement “curriculum rally” to expand course offerings (OLLI)

  • Increase quantity and quality of classes at Paradise Campus and at satellite locations (OLLI)

Accomplishments for 2022

  • Leverage move to the new building and current membership recovery efforts for enhanced fundraising (OLLI)

  • Establish baseline donor targets new naming rights for new building (OLLI)

  • Increase outreach to increase spring membership (OLLI)

Accomplishments for 2022

  • Develop campus-wide infrastructure to facilitate academic youth programming (Young Rebels)

  • Provide enhanced training, guidance and resources for volunteer instructors (OLLI)

Accomplishments for 2022



Accomplishments for 2022

  • Restructure Operations team, realign tasks (Operations)

Each year, the Division will develop goals that align with these initiatives and will update progress on the goals on a annual basis.