Working with You to Research and Learn

The Division of Educational Outreach at UNLV is committed to creating an environment that promotes quality instruction, professional development, stimulating research, and community engagement. The courses and programs that we offer are developed with excellence in mind. Our internal practices help identify and inspire outstanding education and training while meeting the standards of the Northwest Commission of Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) to sustain the UNLV accreditation. The Division's programs support UNLV's mission and core themes:


UNLV’s diverse faculty, students, staff, and alumni promote community well-being and individual achievement through education, research, scholarship, creative activities, and clinical services. We stimulate economic development and diversification, foster a climate of innovation, promote health, and enrich the cultural vitality of the communities that we serve.



The core themes of UNLV, the objectives, and their indicators of achievement express the mission of the university. The core themes describe in broad statements what UNLV plans to accomplish and reflect the values that are shared by faculty and staff. Evaluation of the metrics associated with the indicators of achievement will demonstrate how effectively UNLV is carrying out its mission.

Core Theme 1: Advance Student Achievement
Core Theme 2: Promote Research, Scholarship, Creative Activity
Core Theme 3: Create an Academic Health Center
Core Theme 4: Foster Community Partnerships
More information is available on the UNLV NWCCU accreditation website.

Led by Vice Provost Joseph Miera, the Division's comprehensive and entrepreneurial lifelong learning approach provides you with myriad learning and research opportunities and services. We offer conferences; non-credit and credit-bearing courses, seminars, and workshops; certificates programs, survey research services; testing services; and much more.

  • The Office of Continuing Education designs and delivers high quality non-credit programs, courses, workshops and seminars to both professionals and casual learners.
  • The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UNLV offers more than 90 peer-led courses to retired and semi-retired students at a low membership cost. OLLI at UNLV has no tests, homework or prerequisites and contains classes on topics including current affairs, history, science, politics, the arts, philosophy and more.
  • Community2Campus helps non-traditional students complete their college or graduate degrees, offering scholarships and consultations, and coordinating all the Division's for-credit courses during the fall and spring semesters. It also helps faculty members develop innovative, self-supporting, for-credit classes.
  • Summer Term offers focused, quickly delivered courses to both admitted and non-admitted UNLV students over the three-term 13-week period between spring and fall semesters.


  • The Public Lands Institute works to strengthen the  national fabric essential for our public lands' protection, sustainability, multiple use and management. In so doing, PLI focuses on increasing the participation of women and people of color in science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM). It also works to find public land management and stewardship solutions for both public and private clients, and provides community outreach and volunteer events.
  • The Cannon Survey Center assesses, consults on, and implements telephone and mail surveys of local, state, regional, national and/or targeted populations.

We are housed at UNLV’s Community Education Building and report to The Office of the Executive Vice President and the Provost.


The Division of Educational Outreach will extend UNLV’s educational and training resources to the community, state, region and beyond in an effort to serve learner needs and community interests through innovative courses and comprehensive programs and services. 


The UNLV Division of Educational Outreach will enrich the lives of Nevada’s residents and businesses by offering high quality education, training and services to meet their learning needs and goals.


  • We value Excellence in all we do:

    • We foster enduring partnerships and relationships through open communication, respect, honesty, and accountability.
    • We achieve superior performance by serving our community through innovation, adaptability, and integrity.

    We value Teamwork:

    • We promote our fellow team member’s creativity, diversity, and expertise.
    • We encourage individual growth in a mutually supportive way that enhances professionalism.

    We value our Relationships with internal and external customers:

    • We honor our commitments to those we serve.
    • We provide high quality and friendly service in a purposeful manner to the University and community.

    We value a positive living and working Environment:

    • We foster an inclusive and compassionate environment for ourselves, our clients, and our community.
    • We inspire optimism by being creative and enthusiastic.