Published: Thu, 03/19/2020 - 17:35

UNLV held its first Academic Achievement Gala on April 17 to honor the distinguished teaching and research of faculty members. Among the honorees was Heath Hiudt, sommelier and Continuing Education instructor, who received the Educational Outreach Faculty Excellence Award. Continuing Education Director Emmanuel (Meni) Sarris nominated Heath for the award, noting the UNLV Sommelier Academy would not exist today without the creativity and dedication of Heath as its designer and lead instructor. Heath has skillfully taught a difficult curriculum through an interactive hands-on approach and in-class experimentation to engage students in learning. Enrollment has exceeded expectations, and glowing feedback has highlighted Heath's amazing talent for teaching this highly specialized topic. Whether novice wine lovers or experienced beverage professionals, all students have made giant strides, with 100% of the first class passing the introductory program's exam. We congratulate and thank Heath for being an excellent educator and promoter of UNLV to the city and the surrounding region.