Published: Thu, 03/19/2020 - 17:35

The observatory provides a spectacular opportunity to study the Universe from the darkest and clearest night skies
LAS VEGAS – AUGUST 15, 2016 – The Great Basin Observatory in east-central Nevada is scheduled to begin operation on August 25, 2016. UNLV and its Division of Educational Outreach and the Public Lands Institute are anxiously awaiting the opening, since it will be the first research-grade observatory located in a national park -- Great Basin National Park.
UNLV President Len Jessup has previously stated UNLV’s support of the observatory, saying “the observatory will make it possible for us in Nevada to expand our curricular offerings not only in astrophysics and astronomy but in other STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) disciplines and natural resource preservation as well.” UNLV Vice Provost for Educational Outreach Peg Rees serves as an advisory board member of the Great Basin National Park Foundation, and recently received the first image from the telescope as it is being constructed – 5-minute unguided exposure of M27 the dumbbell nebula.
This is a photo of the screen taken with a cell phone.
A dedication ceremony for the Great Basin Observatory is scheduled for August 25 to coincide with the National Park Service’s Centennial Anniversary. The “First Light” ceremony begins at 1 p.m. (PDT) and is open to the public. Please visit for more information and directions. 
The Public Lands Institute is a unit of the UNLV Division of Educational Outreach. It is committed to developing effective solutions for public land management and stewardship, and increasing the participation of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).