Published: Thu, 03/19/2020 - 17:35

Final exams are just around the corner, so naturally the minds of many college students are turning to…school?
Summer for college students used to mean racking up hours at a seasonal job or, for some, an internship related to their major. While these are both still coveted options, the sluggish economy and expanded academic opportunities mean that many youth will hit the books this summer either to stay on track for college graduation or to build job-related skills.
The first of three UNLV summer sessions begin May 20, just days after the conclusion of spring finals. Summer courses have the same academic content as fall or spring courses with the same titles, but summer sessions move at a more rapid pace. Students tackle a semester’s worth of content in just three to five weeks. Last year over 13,000 students enrolled in Summer Term courses, earning over 65,000 credit hours total.
For many students Summer Term offers an opportunity to get ahead on credits for graduation. Entering freshmen frequently use summer to take any necessary remedial courses so they are ready to start on the path toward graduation in the fall. High school students are eligible to take summer courses as non-admitted students through UNLV’s Early Studies program, earning both high school and college credits. The credits transfer when they enroll in a degree program at UNLV or elsewhere.
With the youth and young adult job markets tight, college students and recent graduates also use the summer to take professional development courses through UNLV Continuing Education. Practical job skills like web or graphic design, sommelier training, nonprofit fundraising, business writing, or advanced Microsoft Office can demonstrate to an employer that a candidate is ready and eager to contribute to a company straight out of school.
Even when jobs are scarce, students can make effective use of their summers with a bit of planning and work. Summer Term information and course listings are available at or by calling 702-895-3711. Information about continuing education courses is available at or 702-895-3394.