Published: Thu, 03/19/2020 - 17:35

    Dr. Ed     Nagelhout, associate professor of Rhetoric and Writing in the English Department, has received the 2013 Division of Educational Outreach Faculty Excellence Award. Nagelhout has been recognized for his commitment and achievements in many areas of online education. He served on the Online Education Advisory Council, which works collaboratively with the Office of Online Education to ensure policies, processes, and procedures are designed to provide UNLV students enrolled in online education the greatest opportunity for academic success. Nagelhout is also invaluable on the disruptive and adaptive technologies study group and subgroup. The merging of his teaching philosophy with his desire for digital development has taken Dr. Nagelhout's students to a higher level in learning environments. He was vital in building a sustainable professional writing Master course used in all sections. Nagelhout is now working with his Online Education team to create an interactive "textbook" that we look forward to showcasing in the future. We thank and congratulate an exemplary writer, teacher, scholar, and collaborator.