Cannon Survey Center Gives Student Workers Real-Life Experience

Published: Thu, 03/19/2020 - 17:35

In an effort to bring Nevadans more options for electricity, NV Energy and the Department of Energy jointly sponsored a trial program for single-family residential customers called Choose When You Use. NV Energy enrolled volunteer households and then supplied them with new time-varying rates, programmable thermostats, and digital energy education. According to NV Energy, approximately 5,000 customers in southern and northern Nevada are taking part in this two year trial program.
Two years ago UNLV's Cannon Survey Center (CSC) surveyed participants before the trial program kicked off. Now, CSC is collecting data to determine which program elements best helped participants make energy smart decisions. CSC staffers have been busy contacting trial participants to inquire about their experience with the program and how participation changed their energy habits.
To meet the demands of the project, CSC recently hired 14 new staff members, ten of whom are UNLV students. "It's a great resume-builder for students who plan to work in people-oriented careers," notes manager Lesley Kraus, "and for us, we get engaged staff who are interested in learning how to conduct survey research." The student workforce draws heavily from social science majors, especially psychology, social work, and criminal justice majors. Conducting surveys helps students better understand what motivates people, a practical skill that will carry over into their careers.
CSC will collect data through April. The final data and survey results will help NV Energy plan its path forward as it builds new customer programs.
Cannon Survey Center is committed to delivering high quality survey data collection to the campus community, city and state agencies, and other regional and national clients. Contact CSC Project Manager Bridget Kelly at 702-895-5462 or to discuss ways Cannon can assist in your research projects.