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May 2, 1:18 pm

The Division of Educational Outreach acknowledges Jennifer Keene, Ph.D. for her teaching excellence.  Dr. Keene is the recipient of the 2018 Division of Educational Outreach Faculty Excellence Award. Dr. Keene has taught during Summer Term on a regular basis and has consistently received very positive feedback from students.

Nov 15, 5:16 pm

The latest news from the Division of Educational Outreach is now available. Check out the November 2017 issue of Outreach Insights.  

Mar 30, 3:02 pm

UNLV is engaged in a four-year project to upgrade campus IT infrastructure and replace aging fiber connections to campus buildings. The project involves an unavoidable service outage for the Continuing Education registration system 5:00 pm April 7th to 10:00 am April 8th. You may email us at or call 702-895-3394 if you have any questions or require assistance.

Mar 1, 12:49 pm

The latest news from the Division of Educational Outreach is now available. Check out the March 2017 issue of Outreach Insights

Jul 6, 5:51 pm

Some employees of the Division of Educational Outreach were among those recognized at UNLV's 46th Annual Classified Staff Awards Luncheon and Ceremony on June 20.

Sharon Altman, pictured with UNLV President Len Jessup, was honored for 15 years of service to UNLV. She is an Administrative Assistant IV with the division and was the 2015 UNLV Classified Employee of the Year.







Feb 11, 3:22 pm

The 2015 Summer Term course schedule is now available online at Registration opens March 16; exact registration windows are based on anticipated class standing, with priority given to upper level students.

Jun 6, 1:05 pm

We extend congratulations to Shannon Farrell, Administrative Assistant III in Summer Term.

May 15, 11:31 am

Final exams are just around the corner, so naturally the minds of many college students are turning to…school?

Summer for college students used to mean racking up hours at a seasonal job or, for some, an internship related to their major. While these are both still coveted options, the sluggish economy and expanded academic opportunities mean that many youth will hit the books this summer either to stay on track for college graduation or to build job-related skills.

Nov 19, 3:28 pm

Summer Term 2013 is just around the corner.  Three sessions will be offered with the dates as follow: Summer Term 1: May 20 to June 7, Summer Term 2: June 10 to July 12, and Summer Term 3: July 15 to August 16. More information regarding the schedule, registration, and fees can be found at the Summer Term website,


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