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Anay Gomez

Anay Gomez

Anay GomezResearch Support Specialist
Public Lands Institute



Anay Gomez works for the UNLV Public Lands Institute as a Research and Support Specialist. She is recent graduate of UNLV with a B.S. in Earth and Environmental Science. Currently, her work is focused on cataloging research rock samples gathered through support of the United States Antarctic Research Program and transferring the rocks and data to the U.S. Polar Repository at Ohio State University forarchiving. The inventory Gomez is organizing includes samples collected from years 1984 to 1995 by Dr. Margaret N Rees, UNLV Geoscience Professor and numerous field team members. As an undergraduate, Anay worked analyzing and classifying the toxicity of naturally occurring asbestos in efforts to provide important safety information and bring forward new health implications for residents of Nevada. Gomez has a strong passion for incorporating ethical and sustainable methods into public policy as well as bridging the gap between public knowledge and scientific discourse. Outside of work, she enjoys participating in wilderness conservation, community gardens, and minority rights movements.