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The Re-Entry Friendship Scholarship

Four respected, beloved Las Vegas women, the closest of friends, established the Re-Entry Friendship Scholarship nearly 20 years ago in lieu of offering each other gifts on their birthdays. Avis Jansen, Kitty Rodman, Claudine Williams, and Thalia Dondero gave a financial gift to UNLV to support students who had been interrupted in their educational studies and wanted to return to UNLV to complete their degree. 

In recent years, this scholarship has been formalized to allow all to continue giving in honor, memory and celebration of special friends. One of those friends is Michael "Desi" Aragon.

Desi Aragon Golf Gathering
Desi Aragon Golf GatheringDesi Aragon majored in criminal justice at UNLV, graduating in 1998.  He was an avid golfer and dedicated UNLV Rebel. 
In 2004, an incurable brain tumor took his life. His parents, J.D. and Brenda Aragon, created the Desi Aragon Golf Gathering as a way to celebrate him while remembering his passion for golf.   

Our 2014 Friendship Scholars are

  • Evan Fertel, Psychology Graduate Program
  • Dalyce Franz, MBA Graduate Program
  • Jenna Ray, Biology Major
  • Marissa Swan, Marketing Major